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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Welcome Back To Boston Honey!

My boyfriend had an appointment in the city so we decided he’d take the train in with me in the morning. My CEO is in town today so I needed to catch the early train. We may have hit snooze a few times and may have let the dog take her time sniffing 500 million things on our morning walk. When we got home we ran around frantically getting ready and rushed so we could catch that earlier train that I just HAAAAD to make. The poor guy hardly got in a good shave, was forced to use my Keurig instead of the coffee maker and wound up with one of my foo foo vanilla latte sweet coffees…and to boot, I did laundry last night and set his Armani sweater out to dry not realizing he’d like to wear it today and he had to throw on an almost dry Armani sweater as we dashed out the door.

We make it to the train platform on time and wait for the train as we sip our foo foo coffees. As the train conductor rolls in he says “Good morning!” to us as he passes by in the open door that we are about to board. He then says “We have no electricity.” I think I hear him wrong and then he says it again! Yup! Zero electricity!

As we board, I think we have a shot at finding seats together since the MBTA has been smooth sailing since it got out of its winter slump. HA! I was way wrong. Not only do we not find seats together…we don’t find seats at all! Turns out the train ahead of us was canceled so there are two train loads of people on this thing and it’s standing room only!

So now, we stand there with our foo foo coffees in the aisle…in the dark…as the train car slowly becomes a sauna.

We got to North Station and decided against taking the T and walked the rest of the way. Later on, I realized that the conductor never came through to check tickets soooo at least his awesome re-introductory train ride was complimentary.

Welcome back to Boston Honey!

P.S. My CEO never made it to town and I didn’t have to be in the office  early after all! OY Vey!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Oooh! I Saw Him Again

I saw him! I saw the guy that smashed my foot! You may recall from last weeks post:
He was about 20 feet away from me though. I noticed him because a woman shrieked “OUCH!”

Obviously when you are on the train and someone hears “Ouch!” you look. So I flipped around to see what was going on. I saw this large man pinned up against her on one side and a pole on the other side of her. “I’m so sorry!” he said as he threw himself off of her.

She basically brushed it off like I did and told him not to worry about it and that is when I recognized him. “Well, this guy doesn’t know how to balance very well.” I thought. THEN, I see him take his beanie hat off and put it between his hand and the pole. Is this guy a certifiable “What-about-Bob” kind of germaphobe? Is that why he is going around bashing innocent bystanders because he doesn’t want to touch germs to maintain balance? What a dick! Carry some antibac and get the f*ck over it buddy!

I wish I was standing closer to him so I could have said something! However, when you are 20 feet away and start screaming at a stranger, then you become the crazy one, soooo I held off!  

Thursday, April 30, 2015

You Ruined My Hunters and My Foot!

Last week, it was raining! I did what any city girl would do: Wear her Hunters and Hop on the Subway!

It was the morning. It was a sardine packed train. A large man packed himself in beside me and the T took off. He didn’t have his balance and ended up slamming down on my foot. He apologized and felt awful. My foot was throbbing but I figured I’d just walk it off. I got to work and upon removing my Hunters, I see on the top, a big gash across the one that was holding my boo boo foot! How the heck are they rain boots with a huge gash in them! I mean really!? I started to boil. In fact, I was too mad to even type. I had to cool down.

After removing the gashed Hunter, I inspected my foot. It wasn’t swollen so I figured it was nothing.  I went on with my day in my 4 inch stilettos while trying desperately not to look like I was limping. I reeled in my walking and iced when I could. After a week, I was still feeling pain and still trying not to look like I was limping in my stilettos (I wore flats when I could!)

I went to the Doctor’s office yesterday. The Doctor inspected my foot and grew very concerned. She then sent me to the emergency room down the street for X-Rays because it was either a fracture or a bruised bone.

My results came in. It thankfully was not a fracture. However, it’s severely bruised. She instructed me that I can no longer tough it out in stilettos and have to wear sneakers at work. This is horrifying! A bruise AND sneakers! I also have to ice it when I can and pop extra strength Tylenol like it is candy.

So, thanks Buddy! I know it wasn’t intentional but you SUCK! Not only did you give me a boo boo foot. You ruined my Hunters. Talk about add insult to injury! Lesson learned: Don’t invest money into commuter shoes!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Mothball Etiquette

Let's start by saying I despise  mothballs and it’s that time of year when people are taking clothing out of storage for the new season. PS…why are people still storing clothing between seasons…build a bigger closet! That’s what I did. Voila… no more storage issues. No more mothballs. However, if you aren’t building yourself a bigger closet here are a few pointers so I don’t have to sit next to your smelly a*s on the train! (Can you tell my coffee was nonexistent this morning?)  Not to mention mothballs are poisonous and I don’t need to be touching that!

·         Put your clothes in RubberMaid Tubs.

·         Put your clothes in garment bags

·         Use Cedar Chips

·         Use Sachet’s. Lavender is nice!

If you MUST use mothballs…do us all a favor and wash your clothes like…five (hundred) times before they resurface for the season! Please…and thank you!

That is all!

Monday, April 6, 2015

My Heart Dropped!

Oh my goodness, my heart dropped this morning. I get on the T at North Station and we head to Haymarket. When we get in to Haymarket, people notice there is room for people to move down and make room for others to get on. While doing this, a little boy is thrust onto the T while the mom and her daughter wait on the platform. Well, wouldn’t you know, while they are waiting patiently for everyone to move in, the doors close separating the little boy from his mom and sister? The doors closed so fast that the little girls face was brushed with them.

My heart dropped. I was horrified that this poor kid was potentially on his way alone in a crowded train without his mother.

Luckily about 20 seconds later, the doors reopened because someone in another train car wasn’t all the way in. I sighed relief and I could see the moms relief too as she tried not to panic in front of her small children. The little girls smile was from ear to ear that she was with her brother again.

Oh my goodness though… could you imagine!? I sure as hell can’t! Lesson learned, when you have small kids, you enter the train all at the same time!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hard Knock March Madness Lessons

Last year, I was so excited to be included in my March Madness pool at the office. In an office full of guys, I tend to get left out. Not on purpose, it just happens to go that way.

I had no idea how to do my picks. I looked into it and everyone had a different theory on how to pick their teams. By stats, by color, by state… clearly I went by color since I didn’t know that first thing about stats. I threw in my 25 bucks and my sheet and was good to go.

That night I was on the train and I was sitting with my train friend John. He asked how my day was at the office…ya know…typical small talk.

I told him how I was so excited to be included in the office March Madness Pool even though I had no idea what I was doing.  He chuckled and goes “The only reason why people in my office include people like you is to build the pot.” I laughed and thought “No way!”  and joked that my color scheme brackets will take me places!

By the end of the week, I held the record for the person to go out of the bracket pool the quickest! I didn’t even last a week. I mean… picking brackets based on team colors isn’t the best strategy but it’s a strategy!

This year, the pool came around again. I politely declined. I’ll be taking myself out to lunch instead of cushioning the pot!

Hard knock train lessons right there! Enjoy March Madness everyone! GO Purple team!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I Took The Bus!!!

This weekend on my way home from Connecticut, I stopped for gas about a mile down the street from my house. I noticed an awful smell coming from my front wheels. I looked at it and didn’t notice anything and a guy came over and checked them for me. He told me how his daughter was around my age and he’d hope that if someone saw his daughter in need, they’d help her so he did what he hopes someone would do for him. He said my brake pad was missing on the driver side and it was metal on metal on just that one side.  My rotor was so hot and the friction caused all the heat and that awful smell. He said I could drive it home but not to scare me, it could cease up. I drove it home and had it towed to an auto body shop. So, yay it got there. Now…the tricky part was picking it up. I don’t really have anyone local to bring me since I recently moved to the area and an Uber would take forever to get to me so I googlemapped my way to the body shop on public transit. I ended up taking the train from work one stop passed my stop and connecting to a bus. I have never taken an MBTA bus before so I was nervous. I mean… I am the train girl but busses…forget it! Those are intimidating to figure out.

At the train station, I walked over to the bus pick up. I looked for a sign for the 450 bus. There was a sign for every bus BUT the 450! As busses pulled up and people got on and left, I wondered if I needed to wait for the 450 bus somewhere else. I then notice these two women standing around. I ask them if the 450 bus will stop here. They were so sweet and took me under their wing. They happened to be waiting for the 450 bus as well.

A bus pulled in that said “Out of Service”. The women knew it would become the 450 bus. We waited for him to change his sign and then we boarded. We were the only ones on the bus. They then asked me where I was going and taught me how to use the “STOP” buttons. They got off. Wished me good luck and were on their merry way. When it was close to my stop I walked up and stood near the door. The driver asked where I was heading and I told him I was picking up my car at the auto body and was hoping my brakes were working properly now. He stopped the bus right outside the auto body shop and as I got off the bus he says “Good luck love!”.

I got off the bus in front of the shop and had this epiphany moment. A.) Riding the bus isn’t that bad B.) There are some good people still out there C.) I am independent and can figure sh*t out on my own. It was a great feeling! After a year of being on my own, I finally realized I really can rely solely on myself when I have to and that’s OK!